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Small Businesses (2 – 20 computers)

Even the smallest businesses need reliable IT systems and dependable support!

As Microsoft Small Business Specialists we know how vitally important it is that you get good advice on what is best for your business, and have support that is appropriate for your needs.  We also know that it is very easy to become dependent on a “friend that does IT” or “one man band” IT engineer who may or may not be available when needed.  That is where we step in, providing the best possible friendly, honest advice coupled with a cost effective support service that has guaranteed availability.

Why not have a Free IT Health Check to start with?  We will send one of our engineers (not a sales person) to go through your IT system and check to see if it is correctly configured or a disaster waiting to happen!  We’ll give you a report detailing what we find, and what we would recommend you do to resolve any possible issues.  If appropriate, we’ll quote you for anything needed, but this will always be separate from the report. Want to find out more about about our FREE Healthcheck?

Our EasyCare Lite support is ideal for the smaller business.  There is a small monthly charge for every PC which then gives you IT support with a guaranteed response time, and an inclusive amount of support time every month. Want to find out mroe about our IT Support

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 forms an ideal basis for a small business IT system, giving you both security and control.  We are experts at installing, configuring and maintaining Small Business Servers, and our installation package includes full documentation and training, not just a collection of boxes for you to try and work out for yourself! Find out why Small Business Server 2003 is right for you! 

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