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Having been frustrated ourselves at the lack of service provided by most telecoms companies, and the promises of “cheaper calls” that never seem to be fulfilled; we decided that there had to be a better way.  We found that way with 5 Rings Telecom, and have since partnered with them to offer their service to our customers.

The services we offer include:

Outbound Call and Line Rental

This is the first point of call for saving you money on an ongoing basis.  Either send us a copy of your existing phone bill (fax or email is fine) and we will show you how much we could save if you switched to us.  However when you switch to us, you won’t just save money, you will gain customer service as well.

Mobile Phones

Relationships with all the main networks mean that we can offer virtually any handset that you desire, on your chosen network.

We also provide full integration of both Windows Mobile and BlackBerry PDAs, enabling you to receive email and keep your diary/contacts fully updated and synchronised with your office whilst on the move.

Business Broadband

All broadband providers are not the same!  Whilst that fantastically cheap offer may sound good value, it could prove expensive for your business!  Erratic connections and dismal support are not uncommon unfortunately.

Our range of Business Broadband packages start with those for Home Users going all the way up redundant connections using SDSL and/or leased lines for the larger business.

We also provide multi-site VPN connections, both for businesses operating from more than one location and also for home users.

As well as providing support for the broadband connection, we also support the computer/network as well.  This means that if you have an Internet or email problem, you only have to report it to one company - unless we find it first and report it to you!

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