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IT Support

Care and maintenance of your IT system is essential if you are to enjoy good network performance without slow speeds, downtime or disruption.  We are truly expert at pro-active monitoring of networks and heading off problems before they cause trouble.

Our EasyCare IT Support really buys you business performance and continuity. There are different levels of service offered to suit the requirements of different clients, all levels include the following features as standard:

EasyCare Lite is our entry level support contract and is a simple time based telephone and remote support service.  For each PC and server that you have there is a monthly charge of £12, which provides you with the services above plus 10 minutes of included telephone/remote support time per month.  Unused time is carried forward for up to three months, additional time needed is charged at the discounted rate.

EasyCare Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum all feature unlimited telephone and remote support, plus varying quantities of additional features including:

Especially relevant to all of our support contracts is our guarantee which is very simple: “If you are not happy with the service (or support) that you have received then you will not be charged.  If we do not live up to your service level expectations we will refund the cost of support for that entire month”.

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